Common Questions & Answers

To help offer you more information we have entered below the answers to the questions we are asked most commonly by new customers:-

What do i need to set up the Igloo Dome?

All we ask is for clear access and space to be able to setup your dome. We will also need access to electricity to test your lighting and setup before our installation team leaves your property.

Can the domes be setup on Grass?

Our Dome packages can be set up on Grass, Patio, Decking and any other surface. We will install your dome, setup your layout and weight down the dome for you.

Can i ask for a specific delivery time?

We can either deliver on the day of the event or the day before. If we are delivering on the day of the event, then we will usually contact you on the day to discuss an AM delivery.

How long does it take to set up a Igloo Dome?

On average we take around 3 hours to completely setup an Igloo Dome with all furnishings. This can sometimes be a little faster or slower depending on complexity and weather conditions.